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April 14, 2023
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Tickford Racing trials new pit stop strategy

2023 Beaurepaires Melbourne SuperSprint, Event 2 of the Repco Supercars Championship, Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 31 Mar, 2023.

Tickford Racing has announced the introduction of a nine-day fortnight in a measure designed to promote greater work-life balance and manage employee fatigue.

Coming on the back of arguably the most demanding period in the sport’s history, Team Owner Rod Nash said the way the team managed the demands of the regular “business as usual” of the Supercars season had become a focus.  

“We’ve recognised the need for greater flexibility and work-life balance for our team. The demands that have been placed across the board as a result of the introduction of GEN3 has really thrown light on the need for us to try new things. 

CEO Tim Edwards said the nine-day fortnight would be implemented for the remainder of the 2023 season and, if deemed successful, will become a cornerstone of employment at Tickford Racing.

“The nine- day fortnight isn’t a new concept and is used with great success in other industries. Our challenge is managing a workload that can be difficult to pre-plan. Business as usual race prep is one thing but when you have cars to repair, it’s how we manage that going forward that as a collective we need to consider.”

Nash said it was understandable pressure had been felt across the whole category in the lead up to the 2023 season.

“The demands on our staff, their families and the impact on their personal lives when they choose to work in this sport cannot be underestimated and we recognise we need to give something back. 

“One thing that has always set Tickford apart is its culture and we’re committed to ensuring that family feeling can continue to thrive. To create an environment for our team where they’re getting enough time away from work so they can come back and contribute 100% is our focus.” 

“We’re not saying this is anything ground-breaking – it’s a policy that’s used successfully in other workplaces. The work is still there and we still need to roll out cars and perform, so managing that work is going to take a team effort but we’re confident we can achieve the balance.”