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March 25, 2021
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Solar Supercar to debut with Tickford, EFS Solar

1 April, 2021

Tickford Racing driver James Courtney will become a Supercars pioneer later this season, piloting the first hybrid Supercar thanks to a collaboration between Tickford Racing and its renewable energy partner, EFS Solar.

Tickford Racing engineers and EFS Solar have worked tirelessly over recent months developing a hybrid system utilising solar panels on the roof of the No. 44 Boost Mobile Ford Mustang, which allow the team to trial a number of new features for the Gen3 Ford Mustang that will debut next season. Courtney’s Mustang will house an automatic transmission alongside a V6 engine, accompanied by the electric power generated by the solar panels that is expected to produce a combined power number greater than the 475kW generated by the current Supercar. The prototype hybrid system also allows the option for a push-to-pass function, placing an additional boost of horsepower literally at Courtney’s fingertips.

Courtney, the 2010 Supercars champion, explained some of the new componentry coming aboard the No. 44 Mustang, and is thrilled to see the new technology make its debut later this year.

“Thanks to our renewable energy partner EFS Solar, we’ve got a solar panel roof that draws energy from the sun, stores it in a battery in the base of the car, and fires it with one push of the button into the drivetrain for a push-to-pass function,” Courtney said. “Gone are the days of the H-pattern, sequential, or even paddle shift (gearbox), we’ve developed a lightning fast automatic gearbox that gets that power to the ground quicker than we ever have before. And due to that added hybrid power thanks to EFS Solar, we’ve been able to drop two cylinders out of the engine. So, six-cylinder, but it produces more power than the old V8.”

Tickford Racing CEO Tim Edwards is equally happy with the incoming tech, which will create a more powerful yet sustainable Ford Supercar.

“I’m super excited about Gen3, some of the technology that we’re bringing to the category is fantastic. Dropping a couple cylinders out of the car means the engine boys can get home a little bit earlier because that’s 25 per cent less time they have to work building the engines. Running the electricity in the car through the solar panels on the roof, pump her up a little bit that way, can’t bloody wait.”

The hybrid-powered Supercar will undergo tests in the coming weeks ahead of its highly-anticipated debut later this season.