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March 15, 2023
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Motorsport is loud. Say again?

Tickford Racing partners with Earmold Australia for its hearing protection.

It’s one of the unwritten laws of pitlane: spend any length of time in a Supercars garage and chances are you’ll find yourself repeating yourself.  Maybe just to be heard over the roar of a V8 engine or because hearing protection can be an afterthought.

But that’s where Earmold Australia comes in.

Tickford Racing is making the hearing and communication needs of our team a priority and is proud to announce its partnership with Earmold Australia for the Repco Supercars Championship in 2023.

Earmold Australia was established in 1988 to produce the most affordable custom hearing protection and communication available.

Team Manager Matthew Roberts said the importance of effective hearing protection for crew and earmolds for radio communication couldn’t be undervalued.

“It’s one of those things that when you have a product that works well and there are no issues, it makes all the other little parts of the puzzle so much smoother.

“Ill-fitting hearing protection and in-ear race monitors is like clothing that doesn’t fit correctly – it simply doesn’t get worn.

“The whole team is loving the benefits of the Earmold product and the fact they’re also fully customisable has allowed some of the crew to show their distinct, albeit sometimes questionable, personal style!”

Earmold Australia’s Aaron Dalle-Molle said the company produces Class 5 custom hearing protection that is made on the spot and ready in less than an hour.

“These earmolds can also be fitted with our own electronics to listen to your favourite tunes or, as is the case for Tickford Racing, crystal clear communications.

“We have our own in-house 3D Laboratory to produce heat cured silicon Earmolds incorporating the latest 3D technologies for the ultimate fit with soft heat cured silicon for the ultimate in comfort and protection. Once paired with our electronic range of monitors they are the product of choice for all applications of Motorsports.”

“We’ve all seen the issues that can arise when communication between driver, engineer and the team cannot be maintained. Effective radio communication can make or break a race and at Tickford we know the best in the business is Earmold Australia,” Roberts said.