11 October, 2019
Supercheap Auto Racing’s Chaz Mostert (No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Mustang) has qualified second for the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 ahead of Saturday’s Top Ten Shootout. After five practice sessions taking place under sunny skies, drivers were faced with soaking wet conditions in Friday afternoon’s group qualifying session, where three of Tickford Racing’s four cars qualified in the top ten.

Will Davison (No. 23 Milwaukee Racing Ford Mustang) qualified fourth in the session, ensuring he will contest his fifth Shootout of 2019. Qualifying eighth, Cameron Waters (No. 6 Monster Energy Ford Mustang) made the Shootout for the third consecutive year, despite missing all but the last ten minutes of the session as the Monster Energy Racing crew diagnosed and rectified an engine issue Waters encountered at the start of the session.

A frustrated Lee Holdsworth (No. 5 The Bottle-O Ford Mustang) will start 20th after a disappointing qualifying session, citing a minor imbalance in the race car. Holdsworth however remains optimistic for Sunday’s race, noting Car 5’s strong performance in dry conditions.

Drivers return to the track Saturday morning with Practice 6 at 9:40 a.m. AEDT, with Practice 7 at 12:10 p.m., and the all-important Top Ten Shootout starting at 5:05.

No. 5 The Bottle-O Ford Mustang
Practice 4 (Randle): 2m05.38s, 5th

Practice 5: 2m04.34s, 7th
Race 25 Quali: 2m30.76s, 20th

Lee Holdsworth
“I’m really disappointed, we just had no grip, the tyres didn’t give us anything. I think we’re a bit out of the window with something, but the positives are we have a quick car in the dry. I think we know what our problems are in the wet, and Sunday’s looking like a dry day, so I think we’ll be on the pace. You can this race from anywhere on this grid, so I’m not too concerned, but I would have liked to have been in the Shootout.”

Thomas Randle
“It was definitely a roller coaster day on track. The co-driver session today started off really strong. Doing a two-oh-five-three (2m05.3s) for my second time here was awesome, and to be top five in that was really good and it just boosted my confidence for the ‘1000’ on Sunday, knowing that I’m somewhere in the ballpark against everyone else.”

No. 6 Monster Energy Ford Mustang
Practice 4 (Caruso): 2m05.02s, 2nd

Practice 5: 2m04.02s, 3rd
Race 25 Quali: 2m29.70s, 8th

Cameron Waters
“It was a bit of a stressful qualifying, obviously I rolled out of pit lane and had a misfire in the engine. I thought quali was done, it cut out on the track, but I managed to get it going and get back to the pits. The boys fixed it in about half an hour once they worked it out, and I got I think three timed laps in the wet to work it out and do a lap good enough to get in the Shootout. It’s a massive relief to have made it. I think we’ve got a really good car in the dry, so for me it was just about trying to make it in there, and I’m glad we did.”

Michael Caruso
“Another solid day running through our test program now in the bank, which will help come Sunday. It was nice to finish my session P2 with the car in race mode, and Cam did well to keep his head in the game in qualifying while the crew fixed the car. I’m looking forward to watching him in the Shootout tomorrow afternoon.”

No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Mustang
Practice 4 (Moffat): 2m05.93s, 15th

Practice 5: 2m04.73s, 13th
Race 25 Quali: 2m28.05s, 2nd
Chaz Mostert

“It’s super tough, out there you feel like you run around five or six laps just to kind of build some temperature into the tyres and then start to feel comfortable out there…If it’s wet tomorrow for the Shootout it’ll be super tough, but that’s why we do what we do. But for today, I was quite impressed in the qualifying session not to see one red (flag) out there. I think I had probably about ten or a dozen moments where I thought ‘gee, that was very close,’ so I’m thinking a lot of people probably had a similar type thing. But it was a world class effort from the whole grid out there to just keep the session going, because those conditions are super, super tough.”

James Moffat
“Well I guess after Chazzy’s efforts we can’t start worse than tenth, so that’ll be better than where we started last year. So far so good, we’ve been building up as the week’s been going on. The first priority was to try and make the Shootout and Chaz did an awesome job in those conditions to do that. We’ll concentrate on a bit of race stuff tomorrow in probably Practice 6, and then focus more on Shootout stuff for Chazzy in Practice 7 I would think. Still a lot of laps to go under the bridge, so to speak, but yeah, it’s all going pretty smoothly so far.”

No. 23 Milwaukee Racing Ford Mustang
Practice 4 (A. Davison): 2m06.02s, 17th

Practice 5: 2m05.26s, 20th
Race 25 Quali: 2m29.24s, 4th

Will Davison
“Very relieved and happy to be in the Top Ten Shootout. It was an extremely tough session in those conditions. Another box ticked for the weekend, we still have a little work to do on our car’s dry set-up, but I’m confident we are working well and am confident we can be in the hunt over the weekend.”

Alex Davison
“Proud of Will, who did an awesome job in horrible conditions during qualifying to put the car into the Top Ten Shootout. We still have some work to do to improve our pace in the dry, but we’re not panicking, and we’re confident we’ll be competitive come race day.”

Tim Edwards, Team Principal
“It was certainly a hectic day for us. Fortunately we have some great pace all around, and even though the weather threw everyone a curveball, we’re very confident in the race cars we have for Sunday. It’s great to have three cars in the Shootout, and we think Tom will be strong in the Super2 race, so there’s plenty to play for tomorrow.”

Thomas Randle’s (No. 5 Skye Sands Ford Falcon FG X) went for a wild ride on Friday, as the 23-year old found the barriers of the Esses during Practice 2. With only a few hours between practice and qualifying, the hard-working Skye Sands crew managed to repair the black and gold Falcon in time for Randle to contest qualifying, where he posted the sixth quickest lap, and will start from Row 3 on Saturday.

Super2 kicks off its Saturday action with a warm up at 9:10 a.m. AEDT, and the 41-lap “mini-enduro” Super2 race goes lights out at 3:00 p.m.

No. 5 Skye Sands Ford Falcon FG X
Thomas Randle
Practice 2: 2m07.93s, 12th
Race 10 Quali: 2m08.99s, 6th

“In practice, I don’t know if I grabbed a bit of dirt or something in the Esses, but I just went straight ahead just before the Dipper, and just gave the boys a hell of a lot of work that they didn’t need to do, but they did an incredible job to get that car back together, and hopefully I can repay them with a great result tomorrow. To get back out for qualifying and qualify in the top six just cruising around and making sure the car was all good, is a great start for tomorrow.”